Saturday, 24 December 2016


Happy New Year from all of us in Room 1.

We had lots of fun in December with the lead up to Christmas. Our highlight was 'The Nativity Play'. All three Junior Infant classes put on a show for parents. Our play was called 'The Sleepy Shepherd'. We practised every day for one month. It was a very busy time as we had 7 songs to learn. Each song had lots of actions to remember. We did ourselves proud on the day. 

Have a look at us in action........

We recorded our performance of 'The Sleepy Shepherd'. We visited Room 3 where all three classes watched back on our play. This was really fun as we could see ourselves singing. The speaking parts were so loud and clear and we were very proud.                                                                                                                                        

Teacher read a story to us called 'The Christmas Story' and we drew pictures in our copies. It is a really lovely story about the baby Jesus.

We are great little artists in Room 1-check out some of the Christmas art we made in December. It involved cutting, pasting, drawing, painting and using clay. We used lots of glitter-it was very messy but we had fun!

In Aistear, we set up a role-play corner called 'Santa's Workshop'. We dressed up as Santa, Mrs, Claus, Santa's Little Helpers and Rudolf. We were very busy making toys for all the little children all over the world. We wrote letters to Santa and posted them into 'Santa's Letter Box' Our Elf on the Shelf 'Twinkle' kept an eye on us each day and reported back to Santa in the North Pole. She had good news for him everyday:)

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